Y-PYRO session on archaeological science in Africa at SAfA 2018

November 30, 2017
Society of Africanist Archaeologists
24th Biannual Meeting: Building Bridges to the African Past
Victoria College, University of Toronto, Canada

18-21 June 2018

Symposium title: Archaeometry in the service of African archaeology

Organizer: Ellery Frahm

Abstract: The argument has been made that archaeometry is the facet of archaeology that has made the greatest advances in the last two decades. Africa has been not only the consumer of new methods and dating but also a spawning ground of innovation. How best to leave behind the bad old days when the “scientist” visited the field site long into the research season, if at all? How best to celebrate a new normal of research design in which new analytical procedures and attendant sampling concerns are front-and-center from the very first moments of project conception?