Teaching & Academics

Y-PYRO and the YUALs support teaching and training of undergraduate and graduate students taking courses through both the Council on Archaeological Studies and the Department of Anthropology.

One of the classes in which Y-PYRO is most involved is ANTH/ARCG 316: Introduction to Archaeological Laboratory Sciences. This course serves as an introduction to the wide range of techniques used in archaeological laboratory analysis, including quantitative data analysis and statistics appropriate to each one. Topics include dating of artifacts, sourcing of ancient materials, remote sensing, and microscopic and biochemical analysis, but the specific techniques covered vary from year to year.

Other courses include Geoarchaeology, Archaeological Analysis of Ceramic Pottery, Lithic Analysis, Statistics for Archaeological Analysis, Settlement Patterns and Landscape Archaeology, Observing Earth from Space, and Archaeological Research Design and Proposal Development.

Additional information regarding degree programs and courses offered by the CAS and Department of Anthropology can be found via the following links: